Friday, May 11, 2007

Fashion Faceoff

People Magainze's Faceoff. Let's compare, shall we?

Despite the fact that Nikki Hilton looks like a deer in headlights, I would still say that Hillary Duff looks better. She makes the dress a bit more edgy with the black hose. I think with the solid black material that it looks like it's missing something without the leggings. Although I will say that Hillary's choice in shoe leave something to be desired. It looks like she could go horseback riding, or muck stalls.

Well, I hate to admit it, but I love this dress of Paris and her shoes are faboo! I applaud the attempt by Serena and it almost works, but it looks a shade too small so it doesn't drape as nicely. The length is way too short for her muscular legs. I'm fearful of what it might look like from behind. In this photo it looks like it's riding higher than her Hanes. Not good.

Kelly Ripa's voice is like nails on a chalkboard, but this dress is as cute as can be on her. I'm not sure if Michelle Trachtenberg thought it was a 70s linen scrunch dress and tried to roll it in a long tube whilst wet? Or if she rooted around Kelly's laundry hamper for it after she was done wearing it. It needs to be pressed and taken in on the top. I bet if you stand behind her you could get a free preview!

Poor Lindsay's angry. As she should be! She looks like a campfire marshmellow that got droppped in the ashes. Lily looks gleeful. She pulls it off better, but this is just a bad dress for the both of them. They look like they weight about 80 pounds more than the do. I mean that would bring them both up to an even hundred, but what's the fun in just being kinda skinny?

Hmmm speaking of 100 pounds. Oh Kelly Clarkson. How you rock my music world, but wow. I can't even begin to say how unflattering this is on you. Isn't it true that if you go big on top, to go small on bottom? Not big and bigger. What are you hiding in that tent? Some carnies?

I would say they both pulled off this dress. I'm not wild about it, unless they're at a beach party, then woo! Fun times! But since they both don't look like they're heading toward the shore, it's just OK for me. Very unmemorable.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Charlie Chaplin Homeless

Okay, um what's with the hat? Pretty sure Mr. Chaplin lost it somewhere in the 1920's, and that's where it should've stayed. Maybe he reached up from the grave trying to claim his lost hat and ripped off the bottom part of her dress, which would explain why it's MIA. It looks like he also snagged both legs of her hottie potatie off-black stockings.

But despite her attacked from the grave look (and face), what's with the claymation man holding her hand behind her? And is that his fingernail that's painted? He probably has to walk behind her because it looks like angry linen shirt man is about to rip off the rest of Lindsay's 1920's night gown.

Some people get the best hand-me-downs.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

We no have clothes in the Russia

Now I know that those crazy Playboy parties can be pretty scandalous and the women in attendance can be dressed very sexy... but I think Oksana totally mis-interpreted the definition of sexy.

"Sexy" in Russian must mean "Leave your house looking like a crack whore wearing only your grandmother's control-top parachute panties".

Dear GOD. What was Oksana and/or her stylist thinking?! She should be dragged into the center of Heff's Playboy Mansion and stoned by the centerfolds... I'm sure she'd come out looking much better after that ordeal than she does in this photo.


David Beckham is usually swanked out in his rugged glam-man treads, but not so much here.He reminds me of my second favorite Mario character... yet not as happy, or as cute.


The New Bertachel

So, we didn't make it through the switch from "old blogger" to "new blogger". Somewhere in the blogosphere Bertachel was spinning off its axis with no one able to rescue it. But we started from scratch, and tried to salvage most of the posts. They don't have links, and the pictures look a little odd, but we made it. *whew*

Now it's on to a new generation with Bertachel. One with a post up at least once a month. ;-)

Monday, February 5, 2007

OMG - It works!

I can post too! Oh what a wonderful day in the neighborhood!


I'm testing this for the future of Bertachel.

We might not make it through the conversion to "new blogger".